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What are the refractory materials of repair furnace?

The lining of high-temperature kiln is built with refractory materials. As the lining of kiln, refractory materials are eroded by gas and liquid in the long-term high-temperature environment, resulting in the destruction of kiln lining. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-quality refractory materials to repair the kiln. What are the repair refractory materials?

refractory materials of repair furnace

Furnace repair refers to the furnace shutdown or non shutdown repair operation for the regular or sudden local damage or easily damaged and erodible parts of the high-temperature furnace. The refractory used in furnace repair is also related to the method of furnace repair.

Furnace repair is divided into hot repair and cold repair. It is not a sudden situation. Generally, furnace repair is cold repair. Common make-up refractory materials include refractory castable, refractory spray coating, refractory pouring material, manual feeding, refractory coating material and other amorphous refractory materials. Different mending refractories shall be selected for different parts of the kiln.

Manual feeding is commonly used in steelmaking converter. Refractory materials are thrown to the position requiring repair by manual feeding or mechanical throwing. Generally, manual feeding is mostly refractory plastic. Because the repair method is throwing method, it is called manual feeding.

When repairing the inner lining of the blast furnace tapping ditch, it is generally repaired after the hot metal tapping is completed. During the repair, fire-resistant tamping materials are generally used for tamping and repair. The repair time is short and can be used directly when the blast furnace is tapping.

In case of gas leakage of blast furnace cooling stave, refractory pouring material can be used for repair, and low-temperature curing pouring material can repair structural deformation and heat loss of blast furnace cooling stave due to long-term high temperature.

In case of local damage to the furnace wall of the heating furnace, the wear-resistant and explosion-proof hot repair spray coating can be used for continuous furnace repair, so that the spray coating can be directly combined with the original lining after spraying on the repaired surface under high temperature environment.

In case of minor local damage of the kiln, the refractory mud can be used for simple coating and repair, and the overall repair and maintenance shall be carried out regularly.

There are many kinds of refractories. Appropriate refractories should be selected for different parts of different kilns. There are many types of make-up refractories and many repair methods. When selecting make-up refractories, it is necessary to ensure the use effect of make-up refractories according to the original refractories used in the kiln.