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How to construct refractory castable for blast furnace iron trough?

The construction steps of refractory castable for blast furnace iron trough include the following five steps:
1. First, support the mold: before supporting the mold, apply the butter evenly on the mold surface. The lower mold shall be centered on the center of the tap hole. Fix the mold after correction.
2. Then make and pour the refractory castable: now fully stir the refractory castable, dry mix it for 1-2 minutes, then add two-thirds of the water consumption, continue stirring for about 2 minutes, and then add another third of the water for stirring for 3 minutes.
The prepared refractory castable shall be vibrated by vibrating rod. In order to prevent the vibrating rod from being inserted at one place for too long, resulting in segregation and vibration leakage, the vibrating rod shall be pulled out slowly at a speed of about 25mm / s to avoid holes. The castable shall be continuously poured and formed. During pouring, it can be poured from front to back into an inclined plane or from back to front into an inclined plane.
Reference water addition: add about 5.5% – 6% water at the bottom of the hot trough and about 5% – 5.5% water at the upper part; Add about 5% water to the cold trough.
3. Remove the mold: after the iron trough material is completely hardened, gently knock the mold inward with a hammer to loosen the mold, and then start the mold.
4. Baking: curing for 30-40 minutes to fully volatilize the water vapor on the inner wall of the iron ditch, and then fire for baking.
5. Put into use: it can be used after baking.