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Effect of high alumina cement in refractory castables

High alumina cement is an amorphous refractory commonly used in refractories, which has the characteristics of heat resistance and strong resistance. High alumina cement also plays an important role in the use of refractory castables.

High alumina cement is not only a refractory raw material, but also a combined raw material. Because high alumina cement has the characteristics of fast hardening, as the binder of refractory castable, it can quickly harden the castable after pouring, so as to ensure the construction of castable and its use in high temperature environment.

High alumina cement takes high-quality bauxite and lime as raw materials and mixes them into raw materials with appropriate components in a certain proportion. After sintering, the clinker with aluminate as the main component is ground into fine powder to make hydraulic cementitious material with fire resistance, which is called fire-resistant cement. Refractory cement can be divided into aluminate cement, dolomite cement, calcium magnesium aluminate cement, etc.

Refractory castables are divided into clay castables, high alumina castables, mullite castables, corundum castables or other refractory castables according to the selected materials. When making refractory castables, adding appropriate high alumina cement can increase the service performance of different castables in high temperature environment. High alumina cement is used in amorphous refractory materials, It can effectively increase the performance of castable and its wear-resistant and fire-resistant performance. For example, corundum wear-resistant castable with alumina content of more than 99% is used in the more worn parts of circulating fluidized bed boiler. Moreover, due to its strong wear-resistant and fire-resistant performance and load softening performance, the effect is also very significant when used on the heating surface of boiler.

High alumina cement is widely used in refractory castables. It can not only affect the performance of refractory castables, but also affect the application of castables in construction. The addition of high-quality high alumina cement is very important in the application of refractory castables.