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Difference between self flowing castable and high alumina castable

There are differences between self flowing castable and high alumina castable, and the biggest difference is from process ratio and construction method.

high alumina castable

Self flowing castable is a new construction method based on the castable of low cement series. It is a material flowing and degassing by its own gravity. It is characterized by no vibration, no insertion and tamping, and no support of molds. Therefore, it reduces a lot of construction costs and labor intensity. Before the construction of high aluminum castable, molds need to be set up according to different parts for vibration molding, and then after initial setting, due to strong exothermic reaction, it should be cured in a humid environment, that is, it should be cured in watering and then baked before it can be put into normal use.

In terms of process ratio, the maximum particle size of self flowing castable is 5mm, and the particle shape is spherical, so the water absorption is low and it is convenient to flow. The particle preparation of self flowing castable is very important. The particles must be filled with each other without gaps. In the preparation process, there are many base materials of self flowing castable. Only when the distribution of critical particles and graded particles is reasonable can a high-performance self flowing castable be prepared.

The maximum particle size of high aluminum castable is 10mm, and the shape requirements are not so strict, mainly due to good strength, compactness and good thermal shock, but the medium temperature strength decreases greatly. At present, many manufacturers have added micro powder technology to adjust and improve the medium temperature strength of high aluminum castable, so as to overcome the decline of medium temperature and meet the use of different temperatures and different furnace linings.

In use, high alumina castables are used in a large proportion. Self flowing castables are only used in thermal equipment with thin lining, which is not easy to construct or repair the lining. However, it has also been used in blast furnace, boiler tube protective layer, incinerator grate and heating furnace. High alumina castable is a common refractory castable, which is used on a variety of furnace linings.